Northumberland 250

What a lovely drive

Having visited most of the places on the Northumberland 250, we decided to visit Lambley at the southern tip of the 250 route. Wow, Lambley has the most amazing viaduct.

We walk over the viaduct on the old Haltwhistle to Alston railway, then took a little wooden bridge below. It is a lovely walk and I would thoroughly recommend it.

I have attached a link to Northumberland 250, it is a great drive through some of Northumberland’s stunning places.

Walking boots ready,

with sunny weather looking to return next week.

Ted is looking forward to walking some of the local footpaths around Bellshill Tower and Bellshill Bothy. I have managed to download the Ordnance Survey app on to my phone (other apps are available!!).

One local walk is Chatton Cup and rings, a 4.43 mile walk with stunning views across the Millfield Plain.The app says it should take 2h 15ms but this does not take into account numerous stops to take photos and finding a spot for a picnic.

With coastal or hill walks we are spoilt, why not come up and see which is your favourite walk.

Better Weather is on its way.

By the end of the week we should be basking in the warm sun and having BBQ’s

The above snippet is from The Times, fantastic shot of the Bamburgh Castle. Hopefully next week cricket will be played without coats on and we can all enjoy one or two BBQ’s. There is nothing nicer than sitting outside on a warm summer’s evening.

Come to stay on 8th May,

as we have had a cancellation

Bellshill Bothy

We now have available the week beginning 8th May in Bellshill Bothy. Why not come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and soak up the sunshine in beautiful Northumberland.

The countryside is now coming back to life after a long winter, not only are the trees and plants coming out of their winter lockdown but so are we!

Roll on 12th April

We are looking forward to welcoming guests to Northumberland

Northumberland National Parks have put out a great poster to remind people whilst they are enjoying our fantastic landscape please be mindful and leave the area how you find it.

We are very lucky to have a large area to explore with such varying landscape. Northumberland National Parks have a very informative website So why not check out the parks and enjoy the great outdoors.

We are going in the right direction

With Covid cases coming down we are looking forward to re-opening

With the Country beginning to start opening up again we are getting excited about welcoming guests again. The last year has been a strange and difficult time for many people, hopefully the light is at the end of the tunnel and we can all start to enjoy the great outdoors again.

One advantage of lock-down is we have found many local footpaths and have been exploring our local area which we tend to just drive through without really noticing our beautiful surroundings.

We do have 2 footpaths on one of our farms so we have been going around making sure that the paths are correctly signed and that all gates are in good working order. Happy walking

Getting Ready for 12th April

Fingers crossed we will be open again for visitors

Larch cones starting to come out

Checking the swing is working properly!!

We are getting everything ready for our guests who can hopefully arrive from 12th April onwards.

The larch buds are starting to come out, larch is one of my favourite trees, especially when the new growth is coming through, the pines feel so soft and they are such a fresh green. The Woodland trust has a great description of the larch and some interesting facts that I didn’t know about this great tree “

The larch buds are starting to come out, larch is one of my favourite trees, especially when the new growth is coming through, the pines feel so soft and they are such a fresh green. The Woodland trust has a great description of the larch and some interesting facts that I didn’t know about this great tree “In European folklore, larch was said to protect against enchantment. The wearing and burning of larch was thought to protect against evil spirits.”

Up in Bellshill Tower wood we have a swing made from old winch from a search and rescue helicopter, it is amazing no matter how old you are there is always time to have a go on swing when no-one is looking, George, the lab, is not 100% sure.

Another great walk

Berwick upon Tweed has fantastic walls surrounding the Town

An evening stroll in the summer around Berwick Walls is a favourite of ours. It all started when our son joined Berwick Rowing Club and we had an hour or two whilst he rowed up and down the Tweed, a very nice way to spend a few hours, it occasionally ended up with a quick drink in The Curfew, a Micro Brewery just of Bridge Street

It is possible to walk around the town fortifications; Go clockwise from Meg’s Mount or, following a visit to Berwick Barracks, from the Windmill Bastion. The walls of the Elizabethan ramparts, faced in grey limestone, stand about 6 metres (20 feet) high. Above the walls the rampart earthwork rises a further 5 metres (16 feet).

Spring is making an appearance

With spring on its way, why not book a week away!

I love spotting the first signs of spring, at Bellshill it is a race between the crocus and the snowdrops as to who appears first, then the daffodils tease you with a slight leaf or two before they fully show their yellow glory in mid March.

We have had 2 cancellations one for Bellshill Tower and one for Bellshill Bothy, both for the week beginning 8th May, why not book a relaxing week in beautiful North Northumberland when the trees and flowers have sprung back into life .

Changing water filters

The joys of having a private water supply

Today’s task – changing 4 filters on the water purifyer, not as hard as we anticipated although it is a little tight under the sink and I did need an emergency tray and plenty of towels.

Bellshill Tower is on a private water supply and each year we test the water to check the quality, we have installed a water filter and change the filters every 6 months. The hardest job was trying to find a water filter that would fit under the sink, not be too intrusive and also was not too expensive. have come up the the goods, they also are very helpful and send e-mails out when I need to change the filters.

This filter change only resulted in one minor argument and a slightly leaking pipe (now fixed), we are ready for our guests who can hopefully start coming to stay from 12th April.