The Monk In Hulne Park

Another local walk

Hulne Park is the Duke of Northumberland’s park surrounding Alnwick Castle. The park is open daily (at present between 11am and 4pm), entry is free. There are a number of routes signposted around the park and one particular favourite is the Brizlee Tower Loop where you come across a monk by a cave, a Tower on a hill, a grave site and a fantastic view over North Northumberland. This walk take about 3 hours and there are plenty of place to stop with your flask.

If you visit Northumberland Estates website you can download walks around the park and view the open times. Happy walking.

Out and About – Cateran Hole

Walks within 5 miles of Bellshill Cotages

We had a lovely walk over to Cateran Hole, 35m long cave about 4 miles north of Eglingham not too far from Ros Castle. Walking along the moor you suddenly come across a hole in the ground, the entrance to the cave. Some say is was used by smugglers, others say Faery Folk, nowadays it is just a lovely walk in a beautiful part of the country.